5x9 online management system

Leverage your know-how and your account base
with our state-of-the-art business model
backed by unmatched it business and process flow management system.

How does it work ?

Stop losing customers! Start controlling your business!

Gain new accounts! Repeat works! Cut on cost! Eliminate errors!

You don’t think that’s possible?

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Have you ever produced:

  • business cards,
  • envelopes,
  • letterheads,
  • compliments leaflets

and thought that it is major ordeal for little money?



Have you ever heard of pre-press being:

  • crucial, and
  • most important, and
  • the most vulnerable to mistakes

part of printing process?

Especially when you do something according to strict rules of CORPORATE IDENTITY?



Have you ever heard your customers complain about:

  • inaccuracy in print?
  • delay in print?
  • errors in print?

For their beloved branded stationery?

For which they don’t want to pay premium?


Have you ever heard of churn? That’s when you lose your customer due to:

  • your mistake,
  • your being late,
  • your misunderstanding what they wanted,
  • your competition undercutting you on prices,
  • your…. whatever (fill in the blank yourself).


Have you ever been tired of winning and losing business again and again and again?

Our concept is exactly designed to save you from above.

These problems may be soon over for your company.

If you implement our solution your customers won’t only not to want to leave you ever, they will just simply be unable to do it!


We’re looking for digital, print-on-demand and commercial printing companies, which are hungry for expansion and want to win corporate accounts and turn them into repeated, loyal clients.


The system is free of charge.

The only cost you incur is one-off cost of our implementation team to implement the stationery of your customer into your system.


We show our commitment to your hard work and to your commitment by offering a test phase in which you’ll be able to test the system on one of your accounts absolutely free for limited period of time.

After that phase you make a decision whether you want to move ahead and implement this solution to all your accounts. This is where we charge you small implementation fee per every product (business cards, letterheads, envelopes and so on) your customer wants to have in the system.


What it does to your company is growth of:

  • revenue
  • margins
  • effectiveness

based on loyal customers, limitation of pre-pressing errors to zero, repeatable, consistent orders flow and reducing changes application to one click on your screen.

DAM - Digital Asset Management Systems

Why is so important and usefull?


It is a newcomer to so many modern business buzz words. Well, we’re known for not following the crowd, but in one aspect we find that very useful – when one needs to implement old ideas to new solutions. So, whether you have heard about it would only serve us as a reference point in explaining what we do, and what you and your company can become part of.


In short we’ll put you at the helm of your customer’s printing needs in order for you to tell them what and how they need and not the other way around. And they will love your proposal, and they will never think of leaving you for your competition again.

Sounds too great to be true? Well, this is what we thought of our idea in a first place… and then it took us 10 years to make sure that it is what we say it is.


You and your customers will be given access to online order management system that streamlines and simplifies all the processes of corporate stationery ordering, verifying, approving, changing, printing and delivering. Every step of the way the system controls, enables, proof-reads, monitors and makes seamlessly easy the process of producing this crucial yet underestimated and  taken for granted corporate needs. All you have to do is learn it and then sell it to your customers.

10 years of printing expirences


  • Stable revenue

  • Effectivness

  • Consistens orders flow

  • Elimination of errors

  • Avaliable all over the world

  • Scalable bussiness

  • Online access

  • Loyal customers


Major industries we serve: banks, telecoms, pharmaceutical, insurance.

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